Simple ways to make hair silky and soft

Posted by Cheve Dew on Jan 29th 2019

Is achieving soft and silky hair your resolution? You have to give some time and effort to improve your hair texture and making it strong, thick and soft. Shiny, smooth hair without tangles looks v … read more

Hair care tips for women

Posted by Cheve Dew on Jan 24th 2019

To get beautiful, long, shiny hair is not a difficult mission, all you need is dedication, effort and awareness. Thick, lustrous hair is a sign of healthy hair. To achieve a glamorous look with silk … read more

How to Fix Dry and Frizzy Hair

Posted by Cheve Dew on Jan 23rd 2019

Every person wants healthy looking, shiny and moisturized hair. But many of use end up with dry, frizzy, dull, brittle hair which makes your appearance less fortunate. If you also want to get rid of … read more

What to eat for shiny healthy hair

Posted by Cheve Dew on Jan 23rd 2019

The fact is that anyone can look amazing with shiny, healthy hair. If you are doing so many things to get rich air, and are not getting the desired results, chances may be that you are not eating a … read more
​Jojoba Oil Benefits in hair conditioners

​Jojoba Oil Benefits in hair conditioners

Posted by Chevé Dew on Nov 12th 2018

The word Jojoba (pronounced “ho-ho-ba”) sounds magical and so are its results for enhancing beauty and looks. Jojoba Oil’s chemical composition is very similar to your sebum (skin’s natural oil). I … read more
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