Cheve Dew Process

What is the Chevé Dew Process?

It’s all about the 30 minute-a-day 10-day Process using our specially formulated Hair Balm. This Australian formula is revolutionary when combined with the best way to use a hair conditioner. It is a commitment, but well worth the effort. Use Chevé Dew for 30 minutes a day, for 10 days’ straight and your hair will be super soft, supple and fuller for two months! We have combined 3 natural ingredients – Olive Leaf Extract, Jojoba Extract and Moroccan Argan Oil Extract with other vitamins and minerals to bond with your hair. See the video above about the process and the next animation on how to use it.


How do you use the Chevé Dew Balm?

Glad you asked.

A guideline to healthy hair: The 10 day deep conditioning treatment should be completed as follows:

1. No preparation necessary for your hair unless there is a ton of product in it already. Apply to dry hair. (If you use a lot of product, then please rinse out and towel dry before using the Balm)

2. Each day apply ENTIRE 9.5oz BOTTLE (approximately 1 cup) of the hair balm to your dry hair. If you have shoulder length hair then 4-5oz (about half a cup) should be enough. The KEY is to get as much of the product as you can into your hair.

3. We want to supersaturate the hair from the scalp all the way to the ends. Massage and spread evenly with a wide-tooth comb or run your fingers through it – it all depends on the type of hair you have.

4. Put your hair up and cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes. (You can use the Chevé Dew Thermal gel cap for more intense treatment). This is where the MAGIC takes place! Your body heat rises and collects in the shower cap. It heats up the Balm and activates a special process. For 30 minutes your hair absorbs a lot of natural vitamins and minerals from the KEY ingredients. While other ingredients clean and moisture your scalp and hair follicles.

5. After a full 30 minutes, you can shampoo or rinse out the hair balm. You do not need to shampoo it out, but you can revert back to your usual shampoo regimen.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for 10 consecutive days and you will have luscious, beautiful, soft, detangled, unfrizzy hair for the next 2 months. Results may vary depending on the workout you give your hair (coloring, hair dryer, flat iron etc).

7. For best results, one day per week, repeat the 30 minute treatment. For example, every Sunday do steps 1-5, for about 2 months then repeat the entire process, to keep you hair clean and soft and luscious!

 30 Minutes a Day Goes a Long Way



We at Chevé Dew have specially formulated and tested this product with this specific process. The scalp needs a low pH level to be clean and grow healthy hair. All hair conditioners have some acid in it – as does Chevé Dew – we use citric acid. Chevé Dew will not harm treated or colored hair if used properly. If you use another product that is not balanced pH and has this specific formula, you may not get the desired result and you may damage, weaken or even lighten your hair. As such, Chevé Dew does not take any responsibility for using this patent pending process with another conditioner. That is why we call it a Hair Balm, because it is a different formula and treatment. Last warning…. Please try not to fall asleep with the Balm in your hair all night. That is not the intended use and will not increase the effects of the Balm.


What are the ingredients?


Water Solvent
Cetyl Alcohol Detangler
Mineral oil Prevents Moisture Loss
Glycerin Moisturizer
Sorbitol Emulsifier
Dimethicone Copolyol  Smoothing Agent
Hydroxyethylcellulose Thickener
Parfum Aroma
Phenoxyethanol Preservative
Citric Acid pH Regulator
Argan Oil Extract

Vitamin E, Antioxidants; Essential Fatty Acids

Smooths Frizz and Split Ends

Olive Leaf Extract Vitamins A, E and Antioxidants
Jojoba Oil Extract Reduces Buildup; Seals in Hydration
Plant Grade Extract Botanicals
Protein Hydrolysate Extract Volumizer



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