Chevé Dew Thermal Heated Gel Cap


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Product - Chevé Dew Thermal Heated Gel Cap 

Product description:

A gel infused insulating shower cap. Product needs to be microwaved to heat up and assist in the beauty of healing your hair with the Chevé Dew Balm.

Product use:

How to use the Chevé Dew Thermal Gel Cap After application of the Chevé Dew Balm, put your hair up and cover with a disposable shower cap.

Place the Chevé Dew Thermal Gel Cap in a hand towel and put in microwave.

Heat for 30 seconds and then remove Gel Cap and flip it inside out (carefully as it may be hot). Heat for another 30 seconds. Take it out again and rotate the cap to make sure that all the gel inside the thermal cap gets heated evenly. Do this for a total of 2-3 minutes, 30 seconds at a time.

Place heated Chevé Dew Thermal Gel Cap on your head over the disposable shower cap. Wait 30 minutes as the heat from the gel cap activates the process to let your hair absorb the vitamins and minerals from the Chevé Dew ingredients and make your hair lusciously soft!

After the 30 minutes, simply remove the caps and rinse out the Chevé Dew

Balm or shampoo it out as your normal daily routine.



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